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Fresh Strawberries

Meet "The Jerks"


Megan Brown

Founder & President 

As a small business owner Megan wears many hats.  Some days you'll find her helping customers in the gift shop and other days she is more behind the scenes.  

Her roles include the company social media presence, website maintenance, inventory management, and our wholesale & retail customer service.

Megan's favorite soda flavor is our

seasonal Cranberry Ginger.


Brittany Vinyard

Administrative Assistant & Delivery Manager

Brittany is our girl on the road!  As delivery manager, she handles all things involving orders including: incoming order processing , online packaging & shipping, and regional deliveries.  She also assists with wholesale relationships, sales, and is behind the scenes answering questions online.  You'll also find her in the gift shop and hands on for bottling days,

Brittany's favorite soda flavor is our

spicy Blackberry Serrano.


Grady Allen

"Little Jerk" & Company Morale

Grady is the son of founders, Megan & Chris.  He has grown up alongside the business and comes to work from time to time.  His jobs include taste testing all incoming fruits, greeting customers in the gift shop and keeping everyone  on their toes.  He enjoys showing off his sweet skills on his radio flyer car and  putting stickers on everything.

Grady's favorite soda flavor is our

classic Concord Grape.


Chris Allen

Founder & Vice President 

Chris is our production manager.  He oversees our daily production which could include fruit processing,  syrup development,  and packaging.  He is a "Jack of all trades"  and is the go to person for  any troubleshooting issues.  He is also responsible for ingredient sourcing, bottling operations and quality control.

Chris' favorite soda flavor is our 

spicy Blackberry Serrano.


Juno Matthews

Production Assistant 

 Juno is our main production assistant and 2nd in line for company morale (behind "Little Jerk Grady").  She is always making us laugh! Juno keeps up with daily operations in our soda kitchen and is hands on with ingredient processing, syrup production, and bottling operations.  When she isn't elbow deep in berries or bottles, you can find her in the gift shop helping customers 

Juno's favorite soda flavor is our

simple Raspberry Cream.


"The Jerks"

Waynesville Soda Jerks Team

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about the Soda Jerks team!  

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